Hong Kong – Sheung Shui

Although Hong Kong is a Concrete City, there are still many green areas. Today, we went to Sheung Shui for a cycling day. Sheung Shui is a rural area at the north of Hong Kong. Travelers, who are tired of shopping and the bust environment in Hong Kong, are strongly recommended to explore the suburban area with natural habitat!

The Sheung Shui MTR station is located on the pale blue line.

With around 5 minutes of walk from the Sheung Shui MTR station, we will arrive at the area where people can rent bicycle. To rent a bike here, you need to pay HK$90 per day.


But we found a store which rent much cheaper bike. And it costs only 20 per day. Below is the location.

Below is the route that I took.

The cycling track along Shek Sheung and Sheung Yue River is so beautiful.


The towers far way are Shenzhen. That means we are very close to the border between Hong Kong and China.


The first check point that we went is Mrs Law Tofu. A Tofu buffet only costs HK$12. Other than Tofu and Soybean milk, there are many other local food that you can buy so as fish balls and noodle.


This is a half eaten Cantonese Redbean Cane Sugar cake. Foreigner should try this.


The next stop is the big pipes. These big pipes serve a great purpose to Hong Kong because it deliver the Dongjiang Water from China to Hong Kong. Dongjiang Water is the main water source to Hong Kong.


The train passes through every few minutes. It is a very good place to take photo of the train if you are a train lover.

There is a road which is not easy to be found. The road is under the pipes.


After crossing the railway, you will arrive at the Ng Tung River. The below location has a sea of Miscanthus which is a best place to take photo.


Then we drove back to the bike renting shop and took a train back to Hung Hum MTR station. We went to BaShe Peasts The Entire Fish to eat SiChuan Fish. If you are a lover of spicy, this restaurant is a paradise to you. This fish is seasoned with various kinds of spice which give so much flavors to it.

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