Taiwan Trip – TaiChung

Today, we have to take a the 2 pm flight. Therefore, we have to catch up the schedule to enjoy our last moment here.

The Holiday Inn Express TaiChung Park Hotel serves great breakfast.


We took around 10 minutes to walk to the famous ice-cream shop. The shop name is Miyahara Ice Cream. This shop has 18 flavors of chocolate ice-cream and many other ice-cream flavor. Not only ice-cream, it also sell other traditional Taiwanese food such as Pineapple cake.

However, when we arrived, Miyahara Ice Cream is filled with people and there is a long queue outside. Therefore, we went to another branch which is located nearby called Fourth Credit Union. It sells the same ice-cream as Miyahara Ice Cream. Other than that, it also sell waffles.


18 flavors of chocolate and other fruity flavors.


The topping corner where you can get any 3 toppings you like.


Finally we picked the 3 scoops of flavor set and we can choose 3 types of toppings. Its so special that we can even choose pineapple cake and cookie for the topping.

Below is our final product!


A souvenir shop for buying traditional Taiwanese cake.


Its time to say goodbye to Taichung. There is an A1 airport bus that we can reserve from the hotel. It operates every hour and the bus station is right next to the hotel. This bus takes about 1 hour and it costs you NT$100 for one person.

Let me give you some ideas of other transportation to go to the airport.

  1. Bus: Take no.302 bus and get off the bus at last stop Taichung airport.
    It takes about more than 1.5 hour and it cost you about NT$60 for one person.
  2. Taxi: Takes about 1 hour from hotel to airport and it cost you about NT$600 by taxi.

After considering all the options, we decide to go with A1 Bus.

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